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People Working in Open Office


mental and physical health

a work environment 


Healthier employees perform better, which leads to a more creative, focused, productive, and efficient employee.


Healthier employees take fewer sick days and spend less on medical care. Your employees are going to show up, be present, and perform their work task at a higher and more efficient level.


Having a corporate recovery therapy treatment program will create a workplace

in which employees feel supported and valued, and that means less turnover. Replacing an overworked, unhealthy workforce is time-consuming, expensive,

and bad for morale.


Bring us in for the day to help destress...  Our recovery specialist team would come in for the day and set up your on-site recovery therapy treatment zone for your employees to take full advantage of. This is a great treat for your employees at the end of the year holiday party, an employee appreciation day, or for a day to help employees relax, rejuvenate, and recover from a day or week of hard work, or...


Have Premier Sports Recovery be a fixture in your work place providing recovery therapy treatments on a weekly basis. We can customize your recovery therapy treatment zone based on your companies culture and the number of employees.

We provide

in-house services for companies that value their employees, who want them to stay healthy and to keep morale high.

Contact us today and let’s discuss which services are best for your office environment, employees and goals.

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