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I have been working out with Joe for over a decade and have recently utilized his recovery services. Joe's holistic knowledge and expertise on building overall body strength, including the critical recovery component, sets him apart from his peers.

In over 12 years, I have seen how Joe continually evolves and stays cutting edge with his techniques on training and healing. I have been able to push my body to a higher level than I ever dreamed possible at this age due to Joe's philosophy on exercise and recovery.


I’ve been getting the massage and cupping therapy for a few months now and the results are great. I am very active and the treatment helps me with recovery and flexibility. Joe is an absolutely amazing professional; he knows a lot about his treatments and anatomy, he is extremely polite, always fresh and on time. Definitely a solid FIVE STARS!


I have had the good fortune to work with Joseph on a regular basis. I train my body hard (six days a week typically), and as I am in my mid-fifties, my body feels it most of the time. Over several sessions, Joe has become more and more familiar with the aches and pains that require additional attention, and has used a variety of techniques—deep tissue work, cupping and “scraping” the muscles with an instrument that made it sound like I had bubble wrap under my skin—to relax the tension in my muscles and allow for blood flow to promote the healing process.


Joe is thoughtful and thorough, and I feel that throughout each session he is very much focused on doing what is right therapeutically for my body. Besides being a consummate professional, he’s a sweetheart of a guy and a pleasure to chat with. He gives good positive energy, precisely what you want when having deep body work performed on you.


I’m an athlete that had endured a significant injury to my lower back. I received treatment for my back from massage therapist Joe Barthelemy, and I must say, the work he did was amazing!  He used different therapeutic modalities such as deep tissue massage, graston technique, and cupping to help me recover from my injury. After getting treatment from Joe, I was back training within a day.  Joe is an absolute technician at his craft.  He has a keen sense of the body, professional, patient and he doesn’t rush. As a fitness and wellness professional, I recommend Joe Barthelemy to my clients and anyone who needs work to get back on the field to enjoy the sport or training they love to do. 

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