returning the body to its natural state
thigh massage technique


Premier Sports Recovery provides state of the art recovery therapy treatments to help athletes and non-athletes bring their body back to homeostasis (its natural state) by speeding up their recovery from sport, exercise, surgery or just the rigors of day to day activities. 


Many people feel their sport or exercise is where they make their physical gains. That is true to an extent. The other factor to improving physical performance is your recovery. In order for you to be at full strength for your next game, workout, or daily activity, you must allow the body to recover from the stress that it is put through.


Not only will our treatment plan help you in your road to recovery but it will help decrease your chances of injury.



Schedule a consultation to meet with our recovery specialist. Our recovery specialist will assess you to find the right treatment plan that best suits your needs and to get you on your way to full physical recovery.

All services can be performed in the comfort of your own home (Manhattan and Westchester County only). Schedule your appointment today.